Assurance qualité

We look after the quality of our products by striving for excellence

As a result of our policy of continuous improvement, at Quinton, we have a complete quality control and management program which aims to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and environmental protection.


As a result of our policy of continuous improvement, at Quinton, we have a complete quality control and management program, which aims to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and environmental protection..

Documentation concerning our quality and commitments

RGSEAA 26.04112/A

Authorization for the manufacture of food supplements from the Valencian Community Ministry of Health. We have implemented a quality system based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).


Authorization for the manufacture of Cosmetics and Personal Hygiene Products from the Spanish Agency for Medication and Health Products.


Authorization for the manufacture of healthcare products from the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Healthcare Products.

CE marking ON 0318

Approval from the Notified Body 0318 of the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Healthcare Products for the manufacture of healthcare products with the European Union's CE marking. This means that our sprays are considered "Medical Devices" and comply with the European directives on medical devices.

ISO 9001

We have implemented a Quality Management System based on the ISO 9001 standard. With this standard, all our processes are focused on the customer as the final user of our products, to provide them with the highest quality.

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ISO 13485

At Quinton, we have implemented a Quality Management System within the medical devices sector. It is based on the ISO 13485 standard, especially on the requirements of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, but with modifications to make them more appropriate for the regulatory aims.

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ISO 14001

We have a certified Environmental Management System, due to the commitment we have to our environment. All of our processes are environmentally-friendly, making for a responsible consumption of fuel, water, energy, noise emissions and proper management of waste generated by the company.

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ISO 45001

Safety and health in the workplace are key to any organization. An occupational health and safety management system helps protect the company and its employees. That's why at Quinton, we've implemented the ISO 45001 specification that will enable a safer workplace, which is necessary for accident prevention.

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GMP Food Supplements

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification ensures the reliability of the food manufacturing process and the compliance with food safety regulations.

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GMP cosmetics ISO 22716

This standard certifies that the cosmetic and personal care products made by our biotech laboratory are produced according to Good Manufacturing Practices.

ACIE R&D Certification

The Spanish Agency for Certification and Innovation (ACIE) has awarded Quinton with the Research and Development (R&D) certification, making our organization the only company dedicated to the production of seawater specialties that has official documents that guarantee its research, processes and authenticity.

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The V-Label certification is an internationally recognized quality seal for the labeling of vegan and vegetarian products. With this certification, our organization promotes transparency and clarity.

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Halal Guarantee

This certificate, granted by the Halal Institute, certifies that our products comply with Islamic laws and are suitable for consumption by the Muslim population.

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The Informed Sport seal, part of the Trusted by Sport program, is an international quality standard for nutritional supplements for athletes. After an analysis in the LGC anti-doping laboratory, it certifies that our Totum Sport supplement is free of prohibited substances.

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Spanish Certificate of Origin

The SCO stamp certifies that the origin of our raw materials and product components are from Spain.

Family-friendly company

At Quinton, we have held the EFR certificate, given by the Foundation Másfamilia, since 2011. The certificate is based on an extensive catalog that includes over 90 measures concerning work and family-life balance. The objective is that the different generations that join our team, each with their diverse needs, can enjoy their personal, family, and professional time.

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Great Place To Work

Since 2018, our organization has been certified as a Great Place to Work, meeting the standards set by GPTW Spain ...."that guarantee we are an excellent organization to work for.

Great Place to Work audits to make sure that Quinton Laboratories applies work-life balance and wellness policies to its entire team of workers, based on the results of an anonymous survey and a detailed report, which explains and provides KPIs on those policies.

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Health Promotion in the Workplace

Our healthy company model has been recognized as good practice in Promoting Health in the Workplace by the National Institute of Safety and Hygience at Work (INSHT).

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MástalentoSenior Badge

This certificate, awarded by the Másfamilia Foundation, verifies that both the senior talent management model implemented at Quinton, as well as its related practices in this field, are in accordance with the guidelines and requirements determined by this badge within the "In progress" category.

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Certifica-CV program. R&D Seal of guarantee

According to our commitment with innovation and continuous support to projects for the future, Quinton has been recognised by "Certifica-CV program. R&D Seal of guarantee" from ERDF European Funds.

The R&D project financed by this program has been "Research of new formulations based on seawater focused on autoimmune diseases".".

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DIGITALIZA-CV Teletrabajo program

Through the "Creation of a collaborative, safe and efficient Remote Working environment" project, Quinton has been accepted at the IVACE - DIGITALIZA CV Grant Program.

The objective of this program is to increase the technological level of industrial and industry service SMEs through the implementation of new electronic, computer and communication technologies.

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Arbitration System for Consumption

Adherence to this system is a guarantee of quality and good service and it reflects our willingness to effectively resolve any conflicts and complaints that may arise in consumer relations.

Innovative SME

Given by the Spanish Science & Innovation Ministery, this seal recognise our R&D works, including the first patent in the world about extraction, processing and manufacture of sea water for pharmaceutical purposes; just as our differents research and studies promoted by our organization in collaboration with universities about the effects of our seawater specialties on the immune system.


Quinton has joined with SIGRE to ensure that it meets its obligations under various environmental regulations. Every year, the laboratory makes a declaration of how much packaging was put out on the market and what waste reduction measures it promoted.


Joining Ecoembes, the non-profit organization which is dedicated to the packaging recovery throughout the Spanish territory, serves us to guarantee that here in Quinton we cover all the environmental compliance requeriments and regulations.

Luxembourg Declaration

Adherence to the Luxembourg Declaration means that our organization agrees with and implements the basic objectives of health promotion at work.

United Nations Global Compact

Quinton is a member of the United Nations Global Compact, an international initiatve that promotes social responsability for corporate sustainability.

Alliance for Water

We are members of the Alliance for Water, which means we are committed to improving water and sanitation services in our facilities.

EFR Telework Charter 2020

Quinton is one of the first 70 entities to sign the "MásTeletrabajo by EFR" Charter promoted by the Másfamilia Foundation, aimed at raising awareness about new forms of work and increasing the percentage of teleworkers in 2020 to 20% nationwide.

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100% Green Energy

Quinton has the Green Energy Seal awarded by Novaluz/ede, guaranteeing that 100% of Quinton's energy consumption comes from renewable sources.

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Company Committed to Employment

Quinton has participated in the "Aid program for the conversion to permanent contracts of temporary contracts for vulnerable groups - ECOVUT 2021", receiving an amount of €13,300 in 2021.

University of Alicante

We regularly perform chemical analyses of seawater in their laboratories. In addition, we actively collaborate in research on the effects of Quinton Plasma on the immune system.

We also participate in student internship programs and as speakers at the DOEACT-UA entrepreneurship initiative.

University UCAM of Murcia

We collaborate with this university center to carry out studies on the effects of hypertonic seawater on sports performance.

We also participate in the academic training of students by signing an internships agreement for students of postgraduate Masters Programs.

CEU - Cardenal Herrera University

Currently, we collaborate with this university to carry out different research studies on the application of seawater in dermatology and traumatology.

We also provide our products for a joint project to improve the efficiency of pharmaceutical spending, which is carried out at the Hospital General Universitario de Alicante.

University of Granada

We collaborate with this university's Faculty of Sports Science, carrying out research work on the effects of seawater when doing sports.

Miguel Hernández University

We carry out analytical controls on our raw materials at UMH to guarantee their quality parameters.

We also actively participate in the academic training of university students by signing an internship agreement and by giving talks on the "Design your future with Quinton" program.

University of Valencia

We collaborate with the School of Ophthalmology on different studies concerning the effects of our products and their uses and applications for various medical conditions.

Polytechnic University of Valencia

We actively collaborate with the Cosmetic Industry Master's degree, organized at the Higher Polytechnic School of Alcoy.

Lomonosov Moscow State University

We collaborate with this university to carry out different research studies in cell biology.

Technical University of Cartagena

Our organization is a collaborating entity with the university's internship program for engineering students.